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Richard Bennett

The Lord Jesus Christ is personally All Holy; yet, as the substitute for the believer's sin, He rendered Himself legally responsible to the wrath of God. The consequence of Christ's faithfulness in all that He did, culminating in His death on the cross, is that His righteousness is credited to the believer. It was God who legally constituted Christ to be "sin for us." He was "made sin" because the sins of His people were transferred to Him, and in like manner, the believer is made "the righteousness of God in Him" by God crediting to the believer Christ's faithfulness to the precepts of the law. Quite clearly, therefore, justification is a judicial and gracious act of God whereby a believing sinner has legal right standing in Christ. Without this perfect righteousness of Christ Jesus being credited to you, you remain spiritually "dead in trespasses and sins" (Ephesians 2:1). This Gospel of Christ Jesus is explained in most of our articles and presentations.






Key to Pope Francis’s Identity: Master of the Jesuit Spiritual Exercises, April 10, 2014

Pope Francis

On the first anniversary of Pope Francis’s election to the papal chair, we thought it fitting to see what the Jesuits themselves think of Francis’s work. Appropriately, James Martin, S.J., editor-at-large of the prestigious Jesuit magazine America,was featured in a brief online video entitled, “Pope Francis: Still a Jesuit.”The video is subtitled, “A Look at the Pope’s Jesuit identity.” Read More

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Pope Francis Shows his True Colors

Pope Shows True Colors

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Pope Francis’s performances and writings give a picture of a man that is two-faced. Thus as Cardinal Bergoglio once elected, chose the name Pope Francis in honor of St Francis of Assisi. St Francis was known to be a softhearted lover of nature. Accordingly Pope Francis cleverly implied that he would be similarly unassuming, kind, and harmless. On the other hand, from his first speech and his subsequent presentations, he has shown himself as a totalitarian dictator. Thus, as the media and many ecumenical Evangelicals fawn over Pope Francis, it is necessary to biblically analyze his speeches and performances. The mind-boggling conclusions are documented in our Video. We request that you forward its URL to your family and friends Thank you.

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Richard Bennett






Peter and the Rock, February 24, 2014

St Peters in Rome
                             St. Peters in Rome


For most Catholics the authority of the Pope as derived from Peter is the main cornerstone of their faith. For them it is the lifesaver to fall back on, when all else fails.  In contrast the Lord Jesus Christ attributed Peter’s intuitive knowledge that He was “the Christ” and “the Son of the Living God” to be a revelation from His Father in heaven. Therefore it is most important that we examine the text in question. Eternal life is a stake as one believes Christ Jesus as did the Apostle Peter. Therefore please carefully listen to this message, and kindly forward the link to this vital message to your church members and your family and friends.

Peter and the Rock 


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Articles on the topic of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Eastern Orthodox Church

Eastern Orthodox Church

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In recent years, interest in the Orthodox Church among Christians has grown steadily, and there have been a number of converts to this religious body. Besides this, some of the main dogmas of the Orthodox Church are now found with some who called themselves Evangelicals. In addition, more and more Evangelical churches encourage... Read More