Books written or edited by Richard Bennett and are highly recommended.

On The Wings of Grace Alone: The Testimonies of Thirty Converted Roman Catholics

Edited by Richard M. Bennett and Glenn R. Diehl

Denis C. SheltonTheologian in the Reformed Community in Australia writes:

I am pleased to recommend the book "On Wings of Grace Alone." 

In reading these moving testimonies, the key factors in many of them, which God used to save the individuals and bring them out ofRome, were the Bible and the faithful testimony and lives of genuinely saved Christians. Put this book, then, in the hands of dear folk in Rome to help them to come to Christ through His Word - and in the hands of Christians to help them to be informed as to how far Rome is today still so far from Christ and the Scriptures and therefore how vital is our own witness to Christ by word and life before them.”

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Catholicism: East of Eden, Insights into Catholicism for the 21st Century

Richard Bennett

ISBN#: 9781848710832
Binding: Paperback Page Count 336

How is Catholicism "East of Eden"? Worldwide interest in all things Catholic mixes with consternation over recent disclosures from within the Church. Amidst doctrinal and moral confusion, most issues remain unanalyzed and unexplained, leaving both Catholics and non-Catholics wondering where the Roman Catholic Church stands. This book will leave no doubt about the truthful answer. In Catholicism: East of Eden, Richard Bennett has addressed the 21st century issues of Catholicism with candor and empathy.

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Far from Rome, Near to God: Testimonies of 50 converted catholic priests

Richard Bennett

ISBN#: 9781848710207

Then Banner of Truth has published the third edition of Far from Rome, Near to God the Testimonies of Fifty Former Catholic Priests.
This book contains the moving testimonies of fifty priests who found their way, by the grace of God, out of the labyrinth of Roman Catholic theology and practice into the light of the gospel of Christ. But this is not a narrowly polemical work, nor is its relevance limited to the ongoing controversy between Rome and the churches of the Reformation. The love and concern felt by the former priests for those they left behind, and their fervent desire that they too should experience the joy and peace of salvation in Christ, are seen throughout.

The wider relevance of the experiences described will also be felt in many contexts remote from Roman Catholicism where human pride and presumption have erected rival sources of authority between people and the Word of God, so obscuring the way of salvation by grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone.

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The Truth Set Us Free: Twenty Former Nuns Tell Their Stories of God’s Amazing Grace 

Edited by Richard Bennett with Mary Hertel

These women became nuns in Catholic convents as their finest means of serving God. The testimonies are "inside stories," intensely personal, wonderfully down-to-earth. They ask and finally get the right answers to some of the same questions that you yourself might ask. The solid promise of Holy God in Scripture is, “And ye shall seek Me, and find Me, when ye search for Me with all your heart.” This volume is a modern testimony to that living promise. The book will be of avid interest to dedicated Catholics who often do not know the realities of convent life. Also, it with be of great interest to lapsed Catholics who have become discouraged by the practice of a religious faith which has not answered his or her inner emptiness and confusion. Evangelicals who are being drawn more closely into "dialogue" with Catholics, unaware of the inner workings of that huge, seemingly mysterious system, will also be keenly interested.

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Catholic Evangelism

The ministry has attractive tracts aimed at evangelizing Catholics called, "What Every Catholic Should Know" (English and Spanish) and "Are you right with God?" Click on the images or Email Literature Ministries International at

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Who is your Holy Father?

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Testimony Booklet

Chapel Library has published Richard's testimony, "From Tradition to Truth: A Priests Story" in booklet format. It is published in English, French, Polish, and Spanish. It is available through Chapel Library by mail, phone or email: 2603 W. Wright St, Pensacola, FL 32505 USA 

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